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Our store is located inside the Meadows Mall

4300 Meadows Lane #5100 Las Vegas NV, 89107

Near the food court!

Hello! We are an enthusiastic group with one goal: Pamper the world, let everyone Live Lavish! We hand craft, mix, scent, color and formulate all our products. We strive for quality and an overall amazing end user experience. We spend hours combining and trying many different ingredients to create the best bath products possible! From Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, all the way down to Essential Oils, exotic Micas and more, we formulate and test all our products ourselves. We are a small business, not a chain store, a factory, an assembly line... we take pride in our work. We eat, sleep and breathe our mission statement, "Live Lavish". We hope that you enjoy our products and if you have any questions about products, recommendations, suggestions or even ideas for new products, please feel free to email us at